High Speed Cables

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Micro-Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Mitas’s micro-coaxial (MCX) custom cable assemblies are precision engineered to provide superior flexibility and reliability for use in military and medical equipment, high-end automated video test equipment ( e.g. Display Port), and security applications. In addition, MCX cables are being used at an accelerated rate as wiring components in display applications such as in PC notebooks, LCD’s, FPD’s, PDA’s, Digital Video Cameras and cellular phones. The support of flexible and reliable circuitry, combined with the best technology to deliver controlled impedance, high frequency and geometry choices, makes micro-coaxial  cable assemblies a popular choice for use in lightweight, mobile consumer electronics.


  • Small diameter and lightweight for easy routing.
  • Excellent heat resistance and electrical properties.
  • Superior mechanical strength and flex life characteristics.
  • High purity copper alloy constructions.
  • Available sizes between 32 and 48 AWG.
  • UL approved and ROHS compliant.
micro-coaxial cable assemblies
micro-coaxial cable assemblies chart

RF Cable Assemblies

Mitas RF cable assemblies are the ultimate solution for all your RF needs. Manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturing facilities, Mitas RF cables are constructed with the highest quality connectors and bulk cables from the world’s best manufacturers to ensure maximum signal transfer. Our cables offer the best in RFI and EMI shielding technology utilizing high-density copper braids and 100% foil shielding to deliver the highest protection level possible. In addition, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities ensure that our cables exceed future requirements. At Mitas, it is our goal to provide you with the solutions and advantage you need to serve your customers.


  • Available with multiple connector options including SMA, BNC, N, F, MCX, and MMCX.
  • Precision impedance control for 50, 75, and 90W applications.
  • High-density copper braids and foil shielding for minimum RF and EM interference.
  • Quick turnaround and low cost.

Perfect for Radio, CATV, satellite, and other telecommunication applications, Mitas RF cables come in virtually any length and with a wide choice of connectors including SMA, BNC, N, F, MCX, and MMCX. Built with high-quality dielectrics, our cables provide minimum signal attenuation and maximum signal transfer even over long cable runs. Our ultra durable PVC/PE jackets protect each cable in even the harshest environments.