Mitas Electronics specializes in delivering world class service for CUSTOM cable assemblies built to order. Our unique ability to terminate the smallest in class connectors to the smallest wire available sets us apart from the competition. Below are several of the brands that we terminate:

 VESA Standard I-PEX Cabline-VS:

Mitas Electronics manufacturing platform is tooled to terminate any fine pitch I-PEX, JAE or Tyco connectors for VESA compliant flat panel displays.



Cabline-VS (VESA STD) features:

  • Available from Tyco and JAE for multi-sourcing
  • 0.5 mm pitch contacts
  • 1 mm stack height
  • 20, 30, 40 and 50 pin configurations available
  • Superior EMI and Impedance control
  • Fully tested TDR/NA at 5.7 GHz
  • Testing at 10 Gz currently being conducted

Available fine pitch interconnect:

I-PEX Products:

  • Cabline Series (>21 types; a few below)
  • Cab-VS (20453)
  • Cab-V (20345)
  • Cab-CBL (20473)
  • Cab-SS (20373)
  • FPL, FPL-D and FPL-II
  • Dual Coax

JAE Products:

  • FI Series
  • JH Series
  • JT Series
  • VHP Series

Hirose Products:

  • DF36 Series
  • DF38 Series
  • DF13 Series
  • DF14 Series
  • DF19 Series

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